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Star Beings Workshop with Peggy Black
Engage and Invite the Support from the Non-Physical and the Celestial Realms
Listen to the Introductory Webinar
Includes a Bonus MP3 Guided Visualization for Connecting with Your Team
and a special MP3 Invocation recorded during the Venus Transit
A Not to Miss Webinar

In Partnership with the Divine
          Ascended Masters, Star Beings, Angels, Guides, Faeries and Elementals

ONLY $33

package includes:

PowerPoint, MP3s and PDFs for 2 Sessions

2 - 90 Minute Webinars
with Visual Replay, Notes, MP3's & PDF Slides

only $33
Includes a Bonus MP3 Guided Visualization and MP3 Invocation recorded during the Venus Transit
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Peggy Black

Peggy offers a variety of lectures and workshops: Miracles, Intentions and Manifestations; Allowing Prosperity; Sound Awareness; Sculpting Reality with Sound; The Power of Your Words and Intentions; The Creative You; and Engaging Celestial Support: Conscious Alchemy: and The Alchemist's Chamber.

She's has presented at numerous events: the Women of Vision and Action; Healing Our World; the World Sound Healing, and the Global Sound conferences. Peggy founded the International Sound Symposium. She offered sacred sounds for the Shamanic Journey tour in temples and the Great Pyramid in Egypt. She conducted morning forums at Tom Kenyon's Sound Healer's Trainings. She was Ceremonialist for the sacred water ceremony, Ocean of Gratitude Cruise with Dr. Masaru Emoto. She was featured in People magazine as "Fabulous over Sixty". She presented at the World Congress of Illumination 2011.

Peggy Black, Transducer, Scribe and Witness, is an author, a world traveler and lecturer with forty years experience in the healing field. She has been featured internationally in television, radio and print media. Peggy is a Multidimensional Channel whose gifts as a clairsentient, clairvoyant and clairaudient intuitive allow her to assist individuals to live empowered and abundant lives. Peggy receives transmissions from her "celestial team" which she calls the Morning Messages. Peggy is a Sacred Sound Salutarist *, Spiritual Synergist *, Multidimensional Channel *, who is guided by the presence and partnership with her Hathors, the support of angelic realms and essence of Kuan Yin.

 *  A Clairsentient is one who is able to intuitively sense, feel, and identify emotions and blocked energies  A Spiritual Synergist is someone who-unifies, integrates, weaves and blends diverse beliefs. Transducer a speaker or amplifier that receives energy from one system and retransmits it, in a different from into another system.

"Thank you Peggy, for the really transforming experience I had over the phone today.  You expressed so perfectly the information that your Team was making available to me.  It was practical and inspirational all at the same time.  All the important questions that were confusing me were answered plainly and with honesty.  I feel encouraged and happy to go ahead with all my plans.  I feel completely free of the doubts that were making me sad and afraid.  I am grateful forever."  Love,  Dolores

"Peggy,  you offer  a beautiful openness ... a way for people to come to you and say what is in their heart, be heard, honored and also gifted with blessed energy, insight, and direction! I will be re-listening to our session frequently until the teachings and practices are well in place in my day-to-day life.  I honor and appreciate the wonderful Presence you are on Earth, and the sacred service you offer." Namaste, Beverly

"My time with Peggy was amazing.  She and her team provided me with profound information I had never before received.  The message was pure, loving and completely resonated with me.  It has changed my life.  Peggy has a wonderful gift and I highly recommend her to anyone in search of answers and/or guidance."   Donna M.

"Finding the experience profound and moving are inadequate to describe my session. Let me say, that as a professional therapist, you are aware of the organic process of discovery, releasing and the adaption of new patterns. My session was remarkable." Michael Stazen

"Yes, what a delicious treat. A rare blend of healing techniques delivered by a true healer. The session brought insight, relaxation and energy. I have never had a more effective session combining both mental, emotional and physical benefits." Rev. Marilyn K. Miller