No prior experience necessary, just an open mind and willingness to explore.

“Josephine is exceptionally gifted at what she does. She encourages her students to explore their own abilities in a wonderfully loving and supportive way."  ~ Adeline

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Friday, November 1 & 8
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Nestled down in the healing bowl formed by the Seven Sisters dormant volcanic peaks, Josephine Laing quietly does her psychic work. Serving as a medical intuitive for the past twenty-five years, she has received calls and performed thousands of readings for people from numerous countries around the world.  Using a meditative state, Josephine empathically tries on the energy of another person's body just as you would try on someone else's coat.  From that vantage point she can feel imbalances and subtle causes underlying another's health conditions.  Sometimes called the human CT scanner, Josephine can detect hard to diagnose or chronic heath problems and make holistic suggestions that can assist with regaining the balance of health.

 Josephine Laing earned a Bachelor of Science degree with high honors in Horticulture in1981. As a lifelong gardener and herbologist, she makes many of her own herbal medicines and is actively involved in community based, neighborhood urban organic gardening projects. Using her well developed techniques, Ms. Laing has taught students both privately and in workshops how to develop their psychic abilities and how to communicate with nature for over fifteen years. During her long career as a medical intuitive and using her vast body of holistic knowledge she has helped hundreds of people find relief from hard to diagnose chronic health issues. Ms. Laing brings a unique opportunity to students of the central coast wishing to explore nature mystism, pyschic ability, communicating with nature along with plant problem solving, herbology, and holistic healing.

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2- 90 minute, Interactive Webinars
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Session 1

  • coming to ease with death, dying and the afterlife
  • setting the tone and parameters for communication
  • opening to receptivity and interconnection
  • conversing with those on the other side whom we have admired
  • recording messages and expressing gratitude

Session 2

  • addressing grief, forgiveness and letting go
  • activating left and right brain function in communion
  • meditating for connections with deceased loved ones
  • articulating prayers of connection
  • receiving communications from those who have passed

Utilizing the energy of the Day of the Dead, on November 1st and 8th, you will receive personal guidance on how to allow yourself to reach across the veil.  In this very popular program, Josephine will share meditations and prayers, along with practical techniques for increasing your receptivity, enabling you to make these connections.

Join us from the comfort of your own home for a practical step-by-step process for connecting with deceased loved one (including pets) on a profound and meaningful level, and thereby accessing a higher plane of our own and shared consciousness.

Session One:

In this session, we will be covering general principles about death, dying and the afterlife.  Josephine will be sharing some of her own experiences along with a number of cultural viewpoints regarding the spirit world.   Sample readings from people like John Muir, Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Cady Stanton or John Lennon will be shared.  These will help to set the tone and energy of our receptions.  Everyone will be given a multiple page pdf which will include helpful suggestions and methods for overcoming blocks to perception, thus opening doors allowing us to converse with those who have passed over into Spirit.  Together, we will be doing an exercise where we will be connecting with someone whom we admire who has passed away.  This helps us to by-pass our feelings of grief or the need for forgiveness in our initial connections with those on the other side.  We will receive and optionally share our messages from these noteworthy figures. 

Session Two:

In our second session, we will begin by addressing grief, forgiveness and other issues associated with death.  Additionally, we will discuss the differences between our right brain and our left brain.  Understanding this helps each of us to open ourselves more easily to the expansive part of our human natures.  In this workshop we will make a direct connection with one of our own ancestors, family members or other loved ones.  This course will give guidelines for attaining a beneficial frame of mind for making that connection and everyone will receive a multiple page pdf which will include a simple and beautiful prayer for attaining safe connection and release.  You will also be given a suggested reading list for further study.  If numbers allow, each participant will have an opportunity to share the messages that they have received.

There is a good chance, in either or both of these programs, that you may learn a song or two, and you'll be receiving lots of nice poetry and yummy quotes.  Each of us will come away with deep and meaningful connections with not only with people whom we have admired, but also with our own deceased and dearly loved ones.

  A recent Pew Forum survey stated that 29% of Americans say they felt in touch with someone who has died. Many feel that the dearly departed with whom we've experienced a heartfelt connection can communicate with us. If we have not had an experience like this personally, chances are that we know and trust someone who has made a connection of this nature.    

  Encounters with those who have crossed over is a taboo subject in our society, so people tend to lean in close and whisper about their experiences. But engaging in relationships with those who have passed on is as old as humanity. Innumerable cultures throughout the world have rich interactions with those who are living on the other side of life. In hearing the stories of others we align with this possibility and begin to liberate ourselves to our own experience.

  Josephine Laing has developed techniques that can help us to make these connections easily. She has found these engagements to always be compassionate, insightful, and filled with love.  Knowing that there is life beyond life creates within us great peace of mind.  It helps us to reconcile our fear of death and to ease our grief for departed loved ones. Please join us as we explore these possibilities.


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