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Jean Logan’s long awaited book, Unlocking the Power of Glyphs is now available. The following is a short summary on the book.

Through the ages, civilizations have used symbols to draw power to their leaders. These symbols were energized in sacred ceremonies. Now you can harness this tremendous power yourself.

This manual will provide you with powerful glyphs that will:

  • Remove emotional burdens that are holding you back.
  • Transition toxins in your body to Light
  • Destroy bacteria and other pathogens.
  • Send healing energies to others and the Earth
  • Help remove attached entities
  • Jean has a doctorate in Holistic Nutritional Healing and has been a conscious channel for many years. 

    All proceeds of the sale of this book will be used to provide educational opportunities to impoverished children.

  • Healing
  • Energy Clearing
Author/Presenter:        Jean Logan



Glyph 01 - Clearing of Meridians
Glyph 02 - Trust
Glyph 03 - Ancestral Influences
Glyph 04 - Detoxification
Glyph 05 - Fear
Glyph 06 - Anger - Resentment - Frustration
Glyph 07 - Guilt - Shame - Embarrassment
Glyph 08 - Release All Blocks
Glyph 09 - Chakras
Glyph 10 - Anti-Bacterial
Glyph 13 - Grief - Sadness - Depression
Glyph 14 - Relief from Tension and Anxiety
Glyph 15 - Parasites in Humans or Animals
Glyph 16 - Release Vows
Glyph 17 - Focus and Organization
Glyph 18 - Heartache - Fear of Abandonment
Glyph 19 - Bites from Insects
Glyph 23 - Repair Damaged Nerves
Glyph 25 - Headaches - Energy Release
Glyph 26 - Course Correct and Alignment
Glyph 29 - Abundance Gene Activation - Reconnect DNA
Glyph 30 - General Balancing
Glyph 46 - Love Frequency
Glyph 50 - Reaching Out
Glyph 52 - People of the World
Glyph 55 - Sever Agreement of Pain
Glyph 56 - Removing Blocks
Glyph 61 - Remove Attached Entities
Glyph 73 - Cellular Repair
Glyph 82 - Courage, Confidence and Joy

Holy Ground Farm

Our Creed:

  • We believe that we are all one, interconnected and a part of the Creator. As a part of the Creator, we posses the abilities of the Creator, which we have suppressed by our doubts and fears. It is our intention to resolve these doubts, overcome the fears and rid ourselves of the belief that we are limited.

  • We believe that all of our thoughts and actions create a reaction. Whatever we do or say has an effect on others in some way. Therefore we strive to remove from our thoughts anything that is not love.

  • We believe that our bodies are a precious possession that we will endeavor to free from toxic materials and maintain in a manner appropriate to our spiritual connection.

  • We believe that our bodies have the innate ability to heal themselves, given the right food, exercise, fresh air, sunshine, time in meditation and other natural healing methods.

  • We believe that we must strive to elevate our own consciousness before we can help others to elevate theirs.

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